Tribulations of a weary traveller.

I must have been a bad ship captain in a previous life or something since it seems that more often than not I have crazy delays whenever I travel.

Right now it is 16:30 CET and I am writing this while I’m waiting for my flight to Frankfurt, which by the way, has just been delayed… only 20 minutes or so we have been told. I hope they are right.

I should have landed in Dublin from Helsinki via Copenhagen 7 hours ago. If all goes well from now, I still have a little over 6 hours before I land in Dublin. I’m not holding my breath!

I got up this morning at 3:30 Finnish time (2:30 CET or 1:30 in Dublin!) to catch the 6:40 flight to Copenhagen. From there it was supposed to be a short wait for the next flight to Dublin. On the way over to Helsinki, it worked like a charm!

I was down at reception checking out shortly after 4:00. The taxi driver was there. I arrived to the airport, checked in, dropped the bag, went through security and had a nice cup of coffee. Things looked good! Only to received a text at around 5:30 saying that my flight had been cancelled! Shite in a big bucket! I learnt later that the flight was cancelled due to illness. You can read into that whatever you like

By the time I made it back to the ticket desk, there was a massive queue and a single person looking after us. After waiting for about an hour, I was finally given an option: fly via Munich and arrive in Dublin at 4:30. Well, not that bad! There is good Internet infrastructure in Helsinki, so I made the best of a bad situation. I had been worried that I had a very short connection time, but the lady behind the desk told me that it was 5 minutes more than the minimum, so that I should be ok. They hadn’t taken into account that we were had been given one of those gates where you have to get a bus out of the plane and that I had to go through passport control. I ran… Fast! I arrived about a minute after the flight had been closed, the plane was still there but I wasn’t able to get in… So I had to queue for another half hour to be given the current plan, which has me landing at 10:40 PM in Dublin (12:40 AM Finnish time), a 13 hour delay on what is a relatively short trip.

Not sure if i will get there in time, but at least I have some hope if getting home tonight, which is more than a lot of the people flying back to NY from anywhere in Europe tonight. Always look on the bright side!

Update at 21:10 CET. Made it to Frankfurt with about an hour delay. Still plenty of time to make sure I didn’t miss the 3rd connection of the day (if I never made it to Copenhagen, does it count as if I had missed the flight? I guess today, it does). We were supposed to be about to start boarding, instead, they have just told us that the crew that will take us to Dublin, just landed here, so the flight will be delayed… How long, I don’t know just yet!

Update at 23:30 GMT. Landed!