Further delays

This has gone beyond a joke. Not sure if I should call it a day now… Go to sleep and try to make it in tomorrow morning. A number of flights from Newark have been cancelled and pretty much all others are delayed.

I should have made it to my final destination shortly after 2 pm. It is now 9:30 pm and the flight might leave Newark a midnight.

This is insane. And do you think people from Continental care?

Not a flying fiddle!



I should have boarded my 3rd transatlantic flight with Continental this year about 5 hours ago. None have gone smoothly yet. The incidents have ranged from sitting a family with 3 young children all on different rows and the ground staff telling me that they didn’t care that it wasn’t their fault, to a delay that will be longer than 6 hours today. I’m flying back home in Friday, and I’m hoping for a better experience then. To be honest, I’m not holding my breath.

After the dreadful experience earlier in the year, you are right to ask… What the heck were you thinking? The answer is simple… Company policy.

The delay today has been caused by a faulty part. I’m not upset about the delay, in fact, I’m delighted that they caught the problem and are fixing it before we board the plane! My annoyance is with the way they are handling the incident.

Some of this is pure speculation. But here it goes.

The plane that will take us to the US arrived in Dublin yesterday evening at 7:40 or thereabouts. I arrived to the airport before 6 this morning to check in, at which point I was told I should be at US pre-clearance at 6:45. One can only assume that they thought everything was fine at that stage!

Boarding time was set for 8:15. At 8:10 they told us that due to refuelling and maintenance, boarding would be delayed 15 minutes. 5 hours later, we are still here!

At about 11:30 we were told that the engineer working on the plane had actually found the fault, and the part they needed was in Heathrow. The part was being sent here. Should arrive at 1:15 (about now). According to the message then, it should take about an hour to set up and test. We are waiting for an update at 2:00. And will hopefully leave at around 3. And my connection? Well, I’ll found out later.

By the way, we were told that the crew reported the fault yesterday! WHY DIDN’T THEY ORDER THE PART THEN!

Normally clearing immigration and customs in Dublin is a blessing since you arrive in the US as if you were on a Domestic flight making things faster. Not today, as it means that we are stuck waiting at the gate! Thankfully I have a phone with an Internet connection.

At least the Irish ground staff are a hundred times more polite than their Mexican or American counterparts!

I’ll see you on the other side.