Where to go around Dublin?

Today I will start the first leg of my tour of Dublin and its surrounding areas. The first stop will be Malahide Castle. I’ve been to it a number of times, but today is somewhat different… I’m bringing my dad along.

After many years (more than 15!) of me living in Dublin, this is only his second time here, and really the first time we will be able to spend some time visiting this beautiful city together.

Other planned stops of the tour for the next few days include Newgrange, Trim Castle and Glendalough. I’m really looking forward to it.

For those from around here, do you have any suggestions?

For those a bit further out, I hope to post a couple of photos over the next few days that will hopefully make you want to visit this place sometime soon.



I used to play Canasta with my grandmother before she passed away. I have never been any good and she kept on beating me pretty badly. Still I really enjoyed playing with her.

Her house was usually very busy with many people coming and going all the time. On the rare occasions when I found myself alone with her, we would play cards, some times Canasta.

I hadn’t played in a long long time. I really don’t know the rules very well as I always relied on her for advice… And more importantly to tell me how much each card was worth!

Today I played Canasta again, on my iPad. And it reminded me of my “abuelita”. I felt like crying a little bit, but mostly I felt happy.