Compare & Contrast part 39


The view from the apartment in Barcelona.  Can’t complain, not a drop of rain while we are there. Almost like back home in Ireland


Compare & Contrast part 38


View from my hotel in Geneva earlier in the week. Fantastic place even if it’s a bit pricy!

Compare & Contrast part 36


Back in Mexico City for work for the first time in nearly 20 years. Great view from my room and you can tell why it was once called “La Región más Transparente”.

Have to admit that the view from the other side was even more stunning


Compare & Contrast part 34


View from the hotel room in Oranmore Co. Galway.  The picture doesn’t do justice to the amount of green around that part of Ireland.

Compare & Contrast part 33



View from the hotel room in Dunadry, Co Antrim in Northern Ireland earlier this week.

Beautiful part of the world, even if they don’t really know the meaning of the word summer.