Dublin’s fair city

Today’s stop of the Great Irish Tour of 2011 was Dublin. It started with a whirlwind visit to the National Museum at Collins Barracks to view an exhibition of Irish high crosses. Plaster of Paris replicas made at the end of the 19 century to showcase Ireland’s biggest contribution to medieval sculpture around the world. I’d only seen then cross in Drumcliff, and it is easy to forget how impressive an enormous these things are. It is a small exhibition with only a handful of replicas, but it is beautifully presented. Do go if you are around.

Then we had to have a good pint, so John Mulligan’s of Poolbeg St was the chosen location. One of the best places to have a pint of Guinness in Dublin!

Finally it was off to Dublin Castle for a guided tour of the place. Unfortunately, as it is being done up for the Queen’s visit next week, we could not see all of the rooms. We were still able to see the throne room though! One of the highlights was the exhibition of religious manuscripts at the Chester Beatty library behind the castle. It’s a must!



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